Electrolysis is the only method of hair removal which is allowed, by law, to be described as permanent.

UK – Advertising Standards Authority and US – FDA

Update as at 26/05/2024

Things that remain in place in re Covid 19 to keep the office environment and all of us safe:

VENTILATION: Window/door open as wide as possible and for as long as possible during office hours.

Allowing at least 30 minutes between clients (except on the odd occasion when i’m running late)

FACE COVERINGS: there is no requirement for face coverings but many people still use them. I have a fresh supply available for anyone to use and if you would prefer me to wear one during treatments I am happy to do so. I can also use a visor.

SANITISING: Hand sanitiser is available in the waiting area and in the treatment room.

You are requested to sanitise hands as or before you enter treatment room.

SPACE: The waiting room will not be available for now. (but toilets are)

Only one person will be allowed in the treatment room at a time. (Exceptions will be made for anyone with need of a companion)

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  • Appointment only
  • 30 minutes between appointments
  • No waiting
  • Risk Assessment
  • Toilet & communal areas cleaning regime
  • Disposable or Single-use garments and towels only, with special treatment for donning/doffing/washable single-use items
  • Disposable masks available to clients should the need arise
  • Hand sanitiser available within office and waiting area
  • All clients advised to postpone appointments if any viral symptoms are present.
  • Cleaning/Sanitising between every client and full clean at beg/end of day (full means floors, all surfaces, all hand-contact points, sinks, toilets etc in addition to usual machine, bed, accessories, etc)
  • 20-second handwashes at start and/or end of any procedure; sanitising in between as required

Electrolysis is used to permanently eradicate unwanted hair (All treatments using Elite Spectrum by Instantron and/or Apilus)

Price List

Hair Removal

  • Up to 30 minutes £49.00
  • Up to 45 minutes £65.00
  • Up to 60 minutes £80.00

Please note: 30 minutes is the minimum session/charge

Electrolysis (Advanced Electrolysis) is also used to treat and remove superficial, benign skin lesions such as;

  • Sebaceous Hyperplasia
  • Skin Tags
  • Milia
  • Age Spots
  • Warts
  • Xanthoma

Advanced Electrolysis

  • £90 for up to 15 minutes
  • £150 for 15 to 30 minutes
  • £200 for 30 to 60 minutes
  • £50 for each additional 15 minutes thereafter.
  • Return treatments for same lesion/s will be at a slightly reduced rate within 12 weeks of original treatment.


ELITE SPECTRUM/Apilus computerised skin treatment is used for soothing, electrical skin toning and relaxing “cataphoresis” post electrolysis if required. (5 minutes is needed to perform this treatment so electrolysis session ends 5 minutes earlier than booked time).

BALLET one-piece surgical stainless steel or gold probes are used for advanced procedures.

ORASCOPTIC loupes are used to appropriately magnify precise vision of target hairs.

Choosing an Electrolysist can be difficult. Whilst it is essential to look for a practitioner with the best credentials, it is also a good idea to check consumer hair removal web sites and forums to get some insider tips. You could try:

Hairtell is an international forum for consumers and professionals to share information about hair removal in all its forms (electrolysis, laser, waxing, shaving, patented devices etc) It contains a wealth of knowledge.

Hairshoot Community Group is a Facebook Community group by Cherry Tree and international colleagues & may be of help initially as we have many specialist electrolysists poised and ready to help with any queries posted. Our specialists (500+) are based all across the UK, Ireland, Europe, South America, the US, New Zealand, Canada and Australia.


Membership of the BIAE (British Institute and Association of Electrolysis) provides reassurance that you have found an Electrolysist who is a specialist, and who has successfully taken further practical and written exams to gain a Diploma in Remedial Electrolysis (D.R.E.) and membership of the Institute.

The specialist belonging to the BIAE is also obliged to undertake CPD (Continuing Professional Development) as expected in all professions.

I am a BIAE member and examiner and a trained and experienced Registered Nurse with extra training in dermatology (University of Stirling, 2012) and a Bsc (Professional Practice, Nursing; University of Stirling, 2012) I have now (as of December 2023) lapsed my “active” registration with the NMC (Nursing & Midwifery Council) because i am on my pathway to semi-retirement from August next year. That was a brave decision for me but definitely the right one as i’m very busy with 4 days a week in clinic and at least one day a week home-office admin work and I really feel the benefit of having fewer commitments. I can and do still keep up to date with two regular, physical journals - dermatology and aesthetics - and also on-line research reading from Medscape and other sources with occasional mini-“test your knowledge” type refreshers and quizzes. I also admin for my own online groups specifically for electrolysis, Hairshoot and Hairshoot Community. The latter keeps me in close contact with the specialist electrolysist community in the UK and across the world.


My office is in the charming ‘Shore’ district of Leith and close to the main bus route (Henderson Street) from the City centre to Leith, Ocean Terminal and Newhaven


89 Giles Street Leith Edinburgh EH6 6BZ


Transport for Edinburgh

Covid Business Hours: Wednesday to Saturday, 10.00 ‘til 5, by appointment.

Contact Details:

Telephone (please leave a message) or text (preferred) 07814 783867

Email: juneadams10@gmail.com or use contact page.