Skin Care Campaign Scotland

The Skin Care Campaign, Scotland is a charity which exists mainly to represent the interests of Dermatology patient-support groups at a political level.
They are experts at gaining the attention of MSP’s. They also strive to educate the public and raise awareness of important Dermatology issues. I recently attended one of their board meetings as a representative of the B.A.S.C. The British Association of Skin Camouflage. A lovely body of people including 2 Dermatology Consultants (retired)and an Expert Patient, I will keep attending these meetings and learn as much as i can as well as offering the views of the B.A.S.C.

Useful Web Site This is the official site of the British Association of Dermatologists and has plenty of helpful information in its pages.

Change of Premises
If you are a regular visitor to CherryTree you will know that Phil and I are selling Abbotsneuk. We shall be staying in or very near Peebles and I hope that the move will not entail any break in services. As long as I have a place for my machine and a couch, business can go on! I am hoping that our house move will enable me to invest a bit in CherryTree so I would like to take this opportunity to ask you to tell me what services you would like to see added to my repertoire. I am thinking of Laser/IPL(for hair removal, tattoo removal,Skin Rejuvination, Thread Veins) Skin Consultancy/Analysis,- Can you add anything that you might like to see? Would you like me to stock quality skin products for retail? I’m a good listener – tell me what you would like either via the web site or by filling in a survey. Thank You in advance.

Client Satisfaction Survey
I will be sending these out soon and I hope to receive lots of feedback, constructive criticism as well as praise.

Dermatology Nurses’ Conference and BIAE AGM
Both of these events were worth while and stimulating. I am very glad to have been there.