The Elite Spectrum by Instantron

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  • Computerised – simple and concise but very precise and reliable membrane control panel. (Only 12 buttons & that includes ON/OFF!) Those 12 buttons give the electrolysist FULL control of ALL the following:
  • Radio Frequency (RF aka Diathermy), Galvanic & Blend modes of operation
  • Flash (0.1 second) and Micro-Flash (0.05 second) settings in Diathermy (RF/Radio Frequency) mode
  • Programmable, automatic pulsing
  • Programmable, automatic delay on both circuits; RF and Galvanic, and in Blend
  • Airflow System (optional)
  • ‘K’ model* adaptation (optional)
  • Dual Probe holders 
  • Auto Mode, manual** mode and Sense*** mode
  • Anaphoresis and Cataphoresis; extremely comforting and popular post treatment and highly useful, disincrustation pre treatment facilities.
  • Fully operator- programmable
  • Sense mode*** (Non foot-pedal operation)
  • On-board, one-touch lead test system
  • 3 year Warranty and CE marked
  • UK based customer support
  • Telephone/Skype training free of charge within one calendar month of purchase

* ‘K’ model – see main description field

** Manual mode – see main description field

*** Sense mode – see main description field





Elite Spectrum by Instantron

This could be your next epilator

The ‘standard’ features listed above are tremendous but in addition you could have at your fingertips the power-boosted model ‘K’ Spectrum.

‘K’ model Spectrum.  This model has the in-built capability of up to 20% extra power in the settings range from 80 to 100 mA.

In practice this means that from 1 to 75 mA the power is at the standard  level but from 80 to 100 the intensity is automatically boosted in a safe, linear fashion.

For example between 80 mA and  85 mA the current delivered will be boosted by an extra 1 to 5%, from 85 mA to 90 mA the delivered current is boosted by 5 to 10%, from 90 to 95mA the boost will be between 10 and 15% and from 95 to 100 mA the boost will be 15 to 20%.

The purpose of this is to make it seamlessly possible to treat coarser, Anagen hairs with fewer pulses and faster speeds. This is a great and essential extra for providing the greatest comfort with the most comprehensive treatment.

**Manual mode. This means simply turning off the computerised timing and pulsing and using the foot pedal and your own counting to control each ‘zap’. Just as you might with a non-computerised machine.

*** Sense mode. Sense mode is the name of the non-foot pedal operation circuit on the Spectrum. It will revolutionise your treatments if you have never tried this before. Your trainer will help you get to grips with this mode and you will never look back.

Airflo unit. ‘Airflo’ is an optional extra that can be added to your Elite Spectrum and/or Elite Spectrum ‘K’. It consists of an air compressor unit invisibly built in to your epilator and uses a dedicated Airflo needleholder lead (supplied when Airflo is ordered with your machine). The beauty of the Airflo system is that a gentle jet of air is delivered directly to the follicle and its immediate surroundings with each and every insertion. This is useful and comforting when the client is very sensitive to the sensation of electrolysis or when the skin is more reactive or post inflammatory pigmentation prone. The skin is cooled and soothed as you work. Airflo does not require special training.


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2 reviews for The Elite Spectrum by Instantron

  1. Mandy Painting

    Love it! After 40 yrs of electrolysis treatment taking forever…….this machine is a revelation! Results are achieved in record time.

    • June Adams

      Such a great review, thank you Mandy!

  2. proptech

    Hello. Thanks a lot! Excellent article.

    • June Adams

      Thank you so much for your comment proptech.

    • June Adams

      Thank you dovenmuehler, I appreciate your feedback.

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