Major product launch

LAURIER  Insulated, Bulbous Probes (I.B.P.)

The prestigious Laurier IBP is now available in the U.K., right here at CherryTree electrolysis.

All the sizes, All the tips and all the types:

The  Laurier Tapered (non-insulated) probes;

The Laurier Insulated, Bulbous Probes;

The Short, Medium and Long lengths;

The Kelly Tips;

All at a great price and with the quickest possible lead time.


No minimum order.

Available in packs of 12. (Insulated, bulbous probes) and 50 (tapered probes).

I take care of the import duty and the Post Office handling-no hidden costs or inconvenience.

P+P at cost.

I am a passionate, specialist electrolysist and I decided to use these probes myself, for ALL my clients as I realised the advantages for comfort and skin preservation.

However, there were difficulties ordering and shipping the probes- I saw that the solution was to import and distribute them myself so with the kind permission and support of Mike Roy, the maker I started the process of becoming the UK and Europe supplier.

I’m proud and excited to be able to help other specialist electrolysists get to know these lovely probes and pass on the benefits to their very dear clients. ¬† June