Choose electrolysis because…

Hello and welcome to Cherry Tree Electrolysis.


What I do is permanently remove hair.

I don’t have a fancy, slick salon-spa and I don’t charge fancy prices.

My philosophy is, TRICHOCIDE!”.

I care about your comfort and your skin and don’t want to do anything to put it at risk so I use up to date equipment (computerised “Instantron Elite Spectrum” epilator with “Flash” and “Microflash” modes; “Orascoptic” visual loupes; Hand made “Laurier” insulated needles).

You can have short, long or “marathon”sessions lasting from a couple of minutes to 6-hour days (with breaks – come on!)

Male, Female, Neither, Both, Transitioning, Undecided, Don’t care?

You may be a young woman with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) or the owner of wayward eyebrow hair, you may have inherited the normal, heavier hair growth pattern of your family (male or female) or be transitioning from male to female. You may of hair-sprouting age, have a hairy back or just hate hair. If you are getting ingrown hairs and boils from waxing, pigmented, scarred skin from plucking or want to ditch the routine and expense of shaving – all of these reasons for having electrolysis treatments and many more are commonly quoted.

Financial breaks are available from student discount and a multi hour rate to packages of 5 or 10 sessions. Please ask for details.

Your unwanted hair may be any where from the top of your head to the tips of your toes and all spots in between! I don’t discriminate. It can be blonde, fair, dark, grey, white or red – there are no colours that cannot be successfully treated by electrolysis.

Why choose electrolysis?

Choose electrolysis because it is the only method of hair removal allowed, by law, to be described as “permanent” (UK and US  Consumer Law)

Choose electrolysis because specialist electrolysists who are also BIAE (British Institute and Association of Electrolysis) members offer their dedicated services up and down the UK from the Shetland Isles to Cornwall including Northern Ireland and adding the Republic of Ireland. (

Choose electrolysis because you will want extremely close attention paid to each and every hair individually. One by one.

Choose electrolysis because you will not want “paroxysmal post laser hypertrichosis”.*

Choose electrolysis because the cost is comparable with the cost of LASER (but the hair is permanently removed)

Choose electrolysis because the sensation is comparable with LASER (and the hair is permanently removed)

*accelerated hair growth some months after laser treatments which occurs in a substantial no of cases.

See you soon,

June Adams






6 responses to “Choose electrolysis because…”

  1. Margaret Winniak avatar
    Margaret Winniak

    Hi June, your explanation about all there is to know about electrolysis is truly perfect.
    Concise and witty. A pleasure to read.
    Thank you

    1. June Adams avatar
      June Adams

      Thank you Margaret, you’re very kind!

  2. Esther avatar

    do you still sell laurier probes?

    1. June Adams avatar
      June Adams

      No Esther, I don’t sell them anymore but I do still use them exclusively. Try for stock.
      Thank you for reading and commenting.
      June A

  3. pauline wood avatar
    pauline wood

    query on behalf of my granddaughter who has pico and facial hair growth of cost attatched 2 this treatment plz

    1. June Adams avatar
      June Adams

      Hello Pauline,
      Firstly,I am sorry for the delay in reply.
      I am not treating faces at present and the resumption date is 8th September with a cautionary note in case the circumstances change.
      Electrolysis is safe and effective for all kinds of hair and on any part of the body so PCOS is no obstacle to success in terms of actually killing the hairs that are present.
      Where any hormonal driver of hair growth exists there has to be a note of caution regarding replacement hairs growing over time – this happens in any case but in a more pronounced fashion in PCOS.
      The cost of electrolysis treatment is hard to calculate in advance because it depends on many factors e.g. how dense the hair is, how often a client can attend, how long each treatment can be.
      Each treatment would ideally aim to clear the areas concerned but this would depend on the same variables as above. Interval between treatments depends on time availability, skin recovery, cost etc.also.
      Most female clients would be attending for regular appointments with reducing frequency and duration over 2 years, returning occasionally for ‘clear-ups’.
      The PCOS client would typically be having more intense treatments in the first 3 – 6 months reducing more slowly thereafter.
      It really is a partnership process requiring trust and determination to become as hair free as required.
      I do have discounted packages available for those on a long pathway.
      Does this answer your questions?
      Please feel free to email me on for further advice or phone on 07814 783 867. I realise we have missed each other by phone – I am sorry. Maybe it’s easier by email? There is a wee bit of a delay on the website platform for messages relaying so my private email is better.

      Thank you for messaging,
      June Adams

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