CherryTree Customer Satisfaction Survey: Results


Dear Customer,

Thank you for recently completing my Customer Satisfaction Survey. The results are as follows:

• You have given me a score of 458 out of a possible 480 for hair removal

• You have given me a score of 283 out of a possible 300 for Surgical Electrolysis

• 5 out of 26 say they have a blemish they are considering getting treatment for.

• 7 out of 26 have areas they would like to have treated by LASER/IPL

• The areas most commonly mentioned are the chin and upper lip, followed by the eye brows, arm pits, tummy and bikini line

• Asked who they would seek advice from, 3 people said me, 3 said The Web, 5 said Doctor, 10 said Beautician

• EVERYONE said they would be comfortable referring a friend or relative to CherryTree!

• One person was put off by CherryTree being situated in the domestic setting

• Of the prices suggested for hair removal, 3 respondents said they would like to pay less than the current price, 3 said they are happy with the current price and 9 said they would pay more

• Of the prices suggested for Surgical Procedures, 4 people would like to pay less than the current cost, 1 person said the current price was satisfactory and 4 said they would happily pay more.

• CherryTree’s Web site scored 232 out of a possible 240

• Some constructive and welcome suggestions were made on the web site layout and design. I am now working with Andrew at Scotlight, Innerleithen ( to make it even better

• One suggestion was that a follow-up appointment would be welcome after Surgical Procedures and I think this is a very good idea so I will offer this in future

• Finally, Please accept this offer of 10% discount on your next treatment whether for hair removal or Surgical Procedures within the next 6 weeks as a thank you for your valuable response