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Who has electrolysis these days?

Based on my experience I am happy to say that all kinds of people have electrolysis. Most of my clients have either heard about electrolysis from a friend or family member or they have researched permanent hair removal and/or blemish removal on-line. Many come across the B.I.A.E. (British Institute and Association of Electrolysis; early in

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Major product launch

LAURIER  Insulated, Bulbous Probes (I.B.P.) The prestigious Laurier IBP is now available in the U.K., right here at CherryTree electrolysis. All the sizes, All the tips and all the types: The  Laurier Tapered (non-insulated) probes; The Laurier Insulated, Bulbous Probes; The Short, Medium and Long lengths; The Kelly Tips; All at a great price and

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Skin Care Campaign Scotland

The Skin Care Campaign, Scotland is a charity which exists mainly to represent the interests of Dermatology patient-support groups at a political level. They are experts at gaining the attention of MSP’s. They also strive to educate the public and raise awareness of important Dermatology issues. I recently attended one of their board meetings as

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