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Choose electrolysis because…

Hello and welcome to Cherry Tree Electrolysis.


What I do is permanently remove hair.

I don’t have a fancy, slick salon-spa and I don’t charge fancy prices.

My philosophy is, TRICHOCIDE!”.

I care about your comfort and your skin and don’t want to do anything to put it at risk so I use up to date equipment (computerised “Instantron Elite Spectrum” epilator with “Flash” and “Microflash” modes; “Orascoptic” visual loupes; Hand made “Laurier” insulated needles).

You can have short, long or “marathon”sessions lasting from a couple of minutes to 6-hour days (with breaks – come on!)

Male, Female, Neither, Both, Transitioning, Undecided, Don’t care?

You may be a young woman with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) or the owner of wayward eyebrow hair, you may have inherited the normal, heavier hair growth pattern of your family (male or female) or be transitioning from male to female. You may of hair-sprouting age, have a hairy back or just hate hair. If you are getting ingrown hairs and boils from waxing, pigmented, scarred skin from plucking or want to ditch the routine and expense of shaving – all of these reasons for having electrolysis treatments and many more are commonly quoted.

Financial breaks are available from student discount and a multi hour rate to packages of 5 or 10 sessions. Please ask for details.

Your unwanted hair may be any where from the top of your head to the tips of your toes and all spots in between! I don’t discriminate. It can be blonde, fair, dark, grey, white or red – there are no colours that cannot be successfully treated by electrolysis.

Why choose electrolysis?

Choose electrolysis because it is the only method of hair removal allowed, by law, to be described as “permanent” (UK and US  Consumer Law)

Choose electrolysis because specialist electrolysists who are also BIAE (British Institute and Association of Electrolysis) members offer their dedicated services up and down the UK from the Shetland Isles to Cornwall including Northern Ireland and adding the Republic of Ireland. (

Choose electrolysis because you will want extremely close attention paid to each and every hair individually. One by one.

Choose electrolysis because you will not want “paroxysmal post laser hypertrichosis”.*

Choose electrolysis because the cost is comparable with the cost of LASER (but the hair is permanently removed)

Choose electrolysis because the sensation is comparable with LASER (and the hair is permanently removed)

*accelerated hair growth some months after laser treatments which occurs in a substantial no of cases.

See you soon,

June Adams

Who has electrolysis these days?

Based on my experience I am happy to say that all kinds of people have electrolysis.

Most of my clients have either heard about electrolysis from a friend or family member or they have researched permanent hair removal and/or blemish removal on-line.

Many come across the B.I.A.E. (British Institute and Association of Electrolysis; early in their searches and find Cherry Tree Electrolysis via the ‘find a member’ page.

Amongst female clients, peri and post menopausal hormone changes often bring about a completely new growth of hairs around the face and neck or worsening of a pattern that already existed.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (P.C.O.S.) and Hypothyroidism are another 2 common reasons for unwanted hair amongst women. P.C.O.S. can be from as early as 8 years old, although electrolysis is unlikely to be sought until around 16 years of age.

Younger women commonly want the hairs that grow on their breasts treated as well as those on the lower abdomen, axilla and bikini areas.

The scalp hairline is quite a common area to cause concern either from a hereditary cause or from P.C.O.S. again. Often it’s the hairs that extend down onto the side of the face from the ‘sideburn’ area that are distressing or it may be a ‘widow’s peak’ type of hairline.

Fingers and toes, wrists and arms are often treated with some people (men and women) deciding to go for legs too. The larger areas require more of a time commitment per session but the same over-all determination to repeat the process 3 or 4 times for permanent clearance.

Often, younger men and women want the interbrow area cleared and sometimes permanent brow-shaping and, for men, beard sculpting.

The nape of the neck is a common request for men as are the ears. Both the lobes and the cartilaginous parts of the ears can be treated albeit, the activation of follicles in the ears as years go by tends to mean that more hairs keep appearing, never-the-less, they can be kept to a minimum. The same applies to nasal hairs.

That’s a small selection of the hair removal cases I typically see. For Advanced or Surgical Electrolysis the most common request is for telangiectasia or dilated capillaries. Skin tags are also very common. Seborrhoeic Keratoses are also very commonly presented and Campbell de Morgans spots or Cherry Angioma also sit at the top of the list. Milia and Sebaceous Hyperplasia are frequently treated too.

A wide variety of types of people, ages, both sexes and all sorts of skin anomalies come through my door as you can see. Nobody needs to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed to see an electrolysist – we all have skin and it’s our biggest organ. It’s how we present ourselves to the world and, understandably it concerns us when it doesn’t behave as we would like.

See you again soon,




The Cherry Tree ‘Thread Needle’

About to be seen for the first time at the BIAE (British Institute and Association of Electrolysis) AGM in London on Sunday the 6th of April 2014.

The Cherry Tree Thread Needle is for the treatment of telangiectasia or thread veins.

They have been made for Cherry Tree by Laurier Instruments under specifications from specialist electrolysists around the world. Wanting to provide the best possible treatments to our clients, specialist electrolysists particularly appreciate this kind of dream collaboration from manufacturers. The delicate work we do requires precision equipment and this is what we get from Laurier.

Telangiectasia or thread veins, also known as broken capillaries can spoil an otherwise clear complexion, especially around the nose and cheek areas. The cause is, as yet unknown but they are often associated with Rosacea (see ‘Fact Sheets’ page). With electrolysis these can be very quickly and easily treated under topical local anaesthetic if required. The success rate is around 80% with Blend electrolysis. Immediately after treatment the area will be a little red, gradually returning to normal in around 10 days. Mineral concealer may be applied during healing.

The cost at Cherry Tree starts at £45 for 15 minutes treatment time. A medical style consultation will be carried out to ensure that there are no contra-indications to treatment in each case.

Anaphylaxis and Basic Life Support annual update

I joined colleagues from the BACN (British Association of Cosmetic Nurses) for this 4 hour update which was held in Glasgow.

First Aid Scotland provided the course along with refreshments. Each attendee receives a certificate of attendance which counts as professional CPD.

A  brief summary of what we learned:

  • ANAPHYLAXIS is a life-threatening hypersensitivity reaction
  • SYMPTOMS INCLUDE: itching, urticaria, blotchiness/hives, swelling of facial features and mucous membranes, yawning, confusion, airway restriction and blockage, loss of consciousness, cardiac arrest.
  • Victims may have an ADRENALINE pen with them or in their home – help them to use it
  • Call emergency services and tell them “ANAPHYLAXIS”
  • If semi or unconscious, place in recovery position and monitor breathing  MAKE SURE EMERGENCY SERVICES HAVE BEEN CALLED
  • If breathing stops, start chest compressions and, if able, give rescue breaths in a ratio of 2 breaths to 30 chest compressions.



Major product launch

LAURIER  Insulated, Bulbous Probes (I.B.P.)

The prestigious Laurier IBP is now available in the U.K., right here at CherryTree electrolysis.

All the sizes, All the tips and all the types:

The  Laurier Tapered (non-insulated) probes;

The Laurier Insulated, Bulbous Probes;

The Short, Medium and Long lengths;

The Kelly Tips;

All at a great price and with the quickest possible lead time.


No minimum order.

Available in packs of 12. (Insulated, bulbous probes) and 50 (tapered probes).

I take care of the import duty and the Post Office handling-no hidden costs or inconvenience.

P+P at cost.

I am a passionate, specialist electrolysist and I decided to use these probes myself, for ALL my clients as I realised the advantages for comfort and skin preservation.

However, there were difficulties ordering and shipping the probes- I saw that the solution was to import and distribute them myself so with the kind permission and support of Mike Roy, the maker I started the process of becoming the UK and Europe supplier.

I’m proud and excited to be able to help other specialist electrolysists get to know these lovely probes and pass on the benefits to their very dear clients.   June




ABC of Motivational Interview Technique for Acheiving Behaviour Change

Research from Pennsylvania, USA has shown that Motivational Interviewing techniques can be used by Dermatologists to enhance their patient-questioning so as to engage the patient in the process that can result in behaviour change.

The small study (8 participants)was published as a research letter dated 15.08.2011 in the Archives of Dermatology.
The lead author is Kimberley Mallett PhD of the Prevention Research Centre, Dept. of Biobehavioural Health, Pennsylvania State University.
Actual behaviour change was not looked at but this study highlights the fact (shown by previous research) that education alone does not result in behaviour change.

The 6 components of the ABC or ‘Addressing Behaviour Change’ protocol are:

*Assess the patient’s UV risk
*Assess the patient’s use of Sun Protection
*Assess obstacles to the patient’s use of Sun Protection
*Facilitate removal of the obstacles
*Assess other methods of Sun Protection
*Summarise patient’s Motivations and Ideas for improved Sun Protection use.

This is a simple tool but if used consistently and taken seriously could provide a window of opportunity to engage people with their own personal behaviours and attitudes to danger from the sun.


CherryTree Customer Satisfaction Survey: Results


Dear Customer,

Thank you for recently completing my Customer Satisfaction Survey. The results are as follows:

• You have given me a score of 458 out of a possible 480 for hair removal

• You have given me a score of 283 out of a possible 300 for Surgical Electrolysis

• 5 out of 26 say they have a blemish they are considering getting treatment for.

• 7 out of 26 have areas they would like to have treated by LASER/IPL

• The areas most commonly mentioned are the chin and upper lip, followed by the eye brows, arm pits, tummy and bikini line

• Asked who they would seek advice from, 3 people said me, 3 said The Web, 5 said Doctor, 10 said Beautician

• EVERYONE said they would be comfortable referring a friend or relative to CherryTree!

• One person was put off by CherryTree being situated in the domestic setting

• Of the prices suggested for hair removal, 3 respondents said they would like to pay less than the current price, 3 said they are happy with the current price and 9 said they would pay more

• Of the prices suggested for Surgical Procedures, 4 people would like to pay less than the current cost, 1 person said the current price was satisfactory and 4 said they would happily pay more.

• CherryTree’s Web site scored 232 out of a possible 240

• Some constructive and welcome suggestions were made on the web site layout and design. I am now working with Andrew at Scotlight, Innerleithen ( to make it even better

• One suggestion was that a follow-up appointment would be welcome after Surgical Procedures and I think this is a very good idea so I will offer this in future

• Finally, Please accept this offer of 10% discount on your next treatment whether for hair removal or Surgical Procedures within the next 6 weeks as a thank you for your valuable response

Skin Care Campaign Scotland

The Skin Care Campaign, Scotland is a charity which exists mainly to represent the interests of Dermatology patient-support groups at a political level.
They are experts at gaining the attention of MSP’s. They also strive to educate the public and raise awareness of important Dermatology issues. I recently attended one of their board meetings as a representative of the B.A.S.C. The British Association of Skin Camouflage. A lovely body of people including 2 Dermatology Consultants (retired)and an Expert Patient, I will keep attending these meetings and learn as much as i can as well as offering the views of the B.A.S.C.

Useful Web Site This is the official site of the British Association of Dermatologists and has plenty of helpful information in its pages.

Change of Premises
If you are a regular visitor to CherryTree you will know that Phil and I are selling Abbotsneuk. We shall be staying in or very near Peebles and I hope that the move will not entail any break in services. As long as I have a place for my machine and a couch, business can go on! I am hoping that our house move will enable me to invest a bit in CherryTree so I would like to take this opportunity to ask you to tell me what services you would like to see added to my repertoire. I am thinking of Laser/IPL(for hair removal, tattoo removal,Skin Rejuvination, Thread Veins) Skin Consultancy/Analysis,- Can you add anything that you might like to see? Would you like me to stock quality skin products for retail? I’m a good listener – tell me what you would like either via the web site or by filling in a survey. Thank You in advance.

Client Satisfaction Survey
I will be sending these out soon and I hope to receive lots of feedback, constructive criticism as well as praise.

Dermatology Nurses’ Conference and BIAE AGM
Both of these events were worth while and stimulating. I am very glad to have been there.