Anaphylaxis and Basic Life Support annual update

I joined colleagues from the BACN (British Association of Cosmetic Nurses) for this 4 hour update which was held in Glasgow.

First Aid Scotland provided the course along with refreshments. Each attendee receives a certificate of attendance which counts as professional CPD.

A  brief summary of what we learned:

  • ANAPHYLAXIS is a life-threatening hypersensitivity reaction
  • SYMPTOMS INCLUDE: itching, urticaria, blotchiness/hives, swelling of facial features and mucous membranes, yawning, confusion, airway restriction and blockage, loss of consciousness, cardiac arrest.
  • Victims may have an ADRENALINE pen with them or in their home – help them to use it
  • Call emergency services and tell them “ANAPHYLAXIS”
  • If semi or unconscious, place in recovery position and monitor breathing ┬áMAKE SURE EMERGENCY SERVICES HAVE BEEN CALLED
  • If breathing stops, start chest compressions and, if able, give rescue breaths in a ratio of 2 breaths to 30 chest compressions.








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