ABC of Motivational Interview Technique for Acheiving Behaviour Change

Research from Pennsylvania, USA has shown that Motivational Interviewing techniques can be used by Dermatologists to enhance their patient-questioning so as to engage the patient in the process that can result in behaviour change.

The small study (8 participants)was published as a research letter dated 15.08.2011 in the Archives of Dermatology.
The lead author is Kimberley Mallett PhD of the Prevention Research Centre, Dept. of Biobehavioural Health, Pennsylvania State University.
Actual behaviour change was not looked at but this study highlights the fact (shown by previous research) that education alone does not result in behaviour change.

The 6 components of the ABC or ‘Addressing Behaviour Change’ protocol are:

*Assess the patient’s UV risk
*Assess the patient’s use of Sun Protection
*Assess obstacles to the patient’s use of Sun Protection
*Facilitate removal of the obstacles
*Assess other methods of Sun Protection
*Summarise patient’s Motivations and Ideas for improved Sun Protection use.

This is a simple tool but if used consistently and taken seriously could provide a window of opportunity to engage people with their own personal behaviours and attitudes to danger from the sun.